Risk and compliance

Safety at sea is a top priority for any shipping industry. It is paramount that all parties onshore and onboard have the information available to protect the crew and the vessel.

Planning a route is a complex and time-consuming task, but smart decisions around route management will mitigate your business risk. We have the resources to support your team with the best decision making – from navigational planning through to speed optimization.

Our comprehensive Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) streamlines and simplifies onboard navigational tasks while providing tight integration with the wider i4 fleet management tools.

NauticalManager, a designed module within IMS supports automated chart and publication management, including ordering, updating, reporting, and viewing of official electronic charts and publications. Learn more about our navigational services or go straight to our charts and publications section.

Vessel risk

Monitoring and managing vessel performance through vessel data can help find a cause to a problem, predict an issue before it becomes catastrophic, and prevent unnecessary negative impact on a vessel’s current and future performance. To learn more about vessel performance management, take a closer look at our vessel and voyage optimization pages

Contractual risk

There are other potential risks that shipping teams must manage, such as contractual breaches and regulatory demands. We understand the importance of getting a vessel where it needs to be, on time, and aligned with all charter party commitments.

All our services and solutions are aimed at protecting our customers and their business. To learn more about how we protect both ship owners and charterers through the charter party process, visit our section on charter optimization.




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