Uncover new opportunities when you eliminate application and data silos

Achieve better business performance when you eliminate your silos

Most maritime operations were built with tools, systems, processes and data in departmental silos. Silos for scheduling, routing and tracking. Silos for buying and managing fuel. Silos for creating and tracking contractual agreements. And the list goes on. To gather and analyze information to create a holistic view of your business takes too much time, and with the potential for data quality issues your results are always being scrutinized.

The value of the silo approach is gone.

The silo approach deprives you of the time and money you need to compete. But the digital evolution that is underway unlocks new opportunities to achieve new levels of business performance by leveraging the systems you have in place - as well as any future implementations – when they are deployed on the i4 Insight platform.

The i4 Insight Platform

Quick to implement. Quick to value.
We’re uniquely positioned to navigate your digital evolution.

Imagine a world where:

… all of your operational data and applications exist on a single platform where
  • proprietary analytics
  • recommendation engines
  • data alerts
  • and a streamed delivery system improve the quality and speed of your team's decisions and plans.
A world where dashboard views are customized so each individual on your team is able to make the best, timely decisions. i4 harnesses and standardizes data and incorporates intelligence and insights so your critical stakeholders are able to deliver better business performance.

The good news is you don’t need to replace what you have, you just need to enhance what you have in place.

From the ground up, and using a customer-centered approach, we have built the i4 Insight platform to be capable of integrating the data and information from existing stand-alone applications and services into a common “data lake”. In this “data lake” you will leverage the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate completely new insights previously unattainable in a silo environment. And with our customizable, web-based delivery system you will enable your teams to make the best business decisions – now. No more waiting for reports, no more questions about whose data to use – we’re talking about effectively connecting your silos and adding the value of intelligence and insight.

Customers expect results

Improved Performance occurs with the i4 Insight Platform:

  • Data is aggregated and validated for accuracy
  • Teams are notified in real-time to impact savings today
  • New and existing software is integrated into one solution
  • Informed decisions are made based on critical KPI’s that look at your entire operations
  • Unparalleled transparency, visibility and accountability throughout your organization

This platform provides a unique and complete view across your entire operation that delivers the highest levels of business performance aimed at:

Reduce Fuel Costs Discover how to reduce your fuel costs when you holistically analyze all the interdependent factors that impact fuel consumption in one place
Minimize Daily Disruptions When your situational awareness is greatly improved you can make high-value proactive decisions that help mitigate the issues you face from weather, port congestion, maintenance emergencies, environmental issues and more.
Increase Asset Availability Optimize your maintenance based on the observed and predicted condition of your vessels; from planned maintenance optimization to condition based monitoring you can manage and analyze the condition of your valuable assets more closely than ever before.
Insuring you operate in Compliance Compliance is complex - Streamline the process through integrated services that ensure all parties have the ‘right’ information.
Optimize Positions and Contracts Evaluate and Optimize the performance of Chartering contracts in real-time and drive efficiencies into your collaboration with Owners or Charterers.

Your Digital Evolution

You collect data - now unleash its potential

Bring your data together with intelligence and insight for more powerful results.

Ship operators and technical managers collect large amounts of data. Whether it’s noon reports, event reports, and logbooks or vessel sensors - you will be producing gigabytes of operating data which is collected by various silos. The issue is that regardless of how or where your data is generated it remains unused, unanalyzed and underutilized. Furthermore, no one is bringing it together so that you can look at your operations holistically - you can’t create a separate snapshot of your entire business, much less uncover the unique interrelationships that hold significant value when they are uncovered.

When you aggregate your data on the i4 platform our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and world class algorithms deliver new found intelligence and insights to your managers and individual stakeholders - you will be able to take control of the power of your data, for example:

Charter Party Management

The contract is in place and the methods for determining performance are well established. Imagine if you could understand how you are performing on passages in real time and could even compare charter vessel performance individually and to other vessels – with the push of a button. Or what if you could develop quick scenarios to see how changes to a charter contract would have impacted performance, or even prove that a vessel is “more” efficient – allowing for higher charter rates. The opportunities are endless – from real-time claims visibility, to providing third parties controlled visibility, to post voyage performance, to even tracking whether ordered speeds are actually necessary, the connectivity and integration of your data on the i4 Insight Platform brings exponential value to your charter scenarios.

Determining whether or not a vessel has performed to the charter party contract should be easy.
You need qualified people who have to do more with less. You don’t have hours to analyze a current voyage to determine if everything is operating efficiently and per plan.

Day of Operations

The i4 solution allows users to quickly identify potential issues; it provides users the data drill down required to deliver the intelligent options for your operational opportunities and problems, that when addressed properly can change your business outcome. i4’s personalized dashboards, which can be customized for your users with the KPI’s and metrics they need to see, create focus and visibility to the areas that will benefit from their attention.

Data Validation & Alerts

Your decisions are only as good as the quality of your data. i4 runs hundreds of proprietary rules on the data we receive to ensure that the information you are analyzing is of the highest quality. i4’s automated processes, automated alerts, data validation reports, and data validation analytics dashboards help you to understand trends, areas of concern, correlation between errors and vessels, captains, third parties, shore-side users, and the list goes on.

Lloyd’s Register, in its “Global Marine Technology Trends to 2030”, estimates a 4,300% increase in the annual data generated by ships by 2020 – this means the quality of the data you are collecting is critical.
When the silos come down new relationships can be uncovered and newly found savings and advantages will be delivered. Shipping operations are multifaceted and interdependent, changes in one area invariably impact another.

Intelligent & Insight Driven Decisions

Imagine if you could clearly understand the relationship between your fuel quality and the impact it has on your maintenance, vessel performance and your chartering contracts. Alternately, if you could pinpoint the impact of hull fouling on your fuel consumption or the best trim for your vessel based upon machine learning models that take into account each vessels loading conditions. It’s possible when you remove the silos, integrate and clean your data, and add intelligence with insight.

Asset Risk Management

Most companies maintain their vessels based upon predetermined maintenance regimes typically dictated by OEM’s and Classification Societies. Your fleets are comprised of vessels built in different yards, different sizes all with different equipment from various OEM’s. Imagine if you had the right information that could inform you that you don’t need to open that case on a piece of machinery to replace the bearing. This analysis could then be analyzed by Class who could approve your deferred maintenance plan. Or if you had a way to better understand the machinery condition of equipment across your fleet...what pieces of equipment were failing more often, what pieces of equipment have outstanding issues, etc..

Optimized Planned Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring are no longer futuristic solutions.

WHY i4?

Software that gives you confidence

i4’s leadership has a combined 100+ years in the maritime industry, and as a leadership team we have passionately been at the forefront of this digital evolution for over two decades. We are a knowledgeable group of professionals who have spent our careers understanding the demands of your business and know the value of your time and resources. We have spent countless hours inside marine operations understanding what makes them tick and how to create real financial value.

Digitization is transforming many industries around the world and creating new market rules. It is allowing companies to create new business models and interact in ways previously unattainable.

There needs to be a New Approach… a Digital Ecosystem that collects data from disparate sources and can connect your niche applications into an integrated solution that provides Intelligent Insight into your business -- providing sustainable benefit to all parties. We believe when the silos come down new interrelationships will be uncovered and new savings and advantages will be delivered.

Partnering with a purpose

While our vision is quite large, we can’t do this alone. Our passion, professionalism and vision are backed by a giant in the industry – Lloyd’s Register.

LR’s Digital & Software division is deeply committed to this digital evolution. They cut through the data noise to enhance asset performance, take an intelligent approach to risk management and ultimately give confidence that steers strategic operations. We have come together to accelerate this evolution through a shared vision, the deep resources that Lloyd’s Register can provide, and the entrepreneurial speed and tenacity that our customers deserve. i4 is a proud member of the Lloyd’s Register Group.

We’re also partnering with other best in class industry software providers so that we can rapidly deliver business changing digital practices that impact your business.

You’ve heard the hype around “big data”, “AI”, “machine learning”, “IoT”. Technology is an enabler - not the answer. It takes a company that understands your business and is focused on how to leverage technology to deliver real value to your business.

We have the technology and relationships to take a staged approach and accelerate our customers on their digital journey. No two customers' journeys will be the same and we are here to partner with our customers as they become a digitally enabled marine organization.