The i4 platform

Platform features & benefits


Multiple sources

Ship operators and technical managers have vast amounts of data to analyze. This is why we have built our platform to be the most inclusive on the market – allowing us to absorb and utilize data from different sources, including noon reports, event reports, logbooks, and vessel sensors.

With our process, your data is never collected in different systems or stored in silos, ensuring it is always analyzed and utilized. By bringing your data together, you gain the ability to look at your operations holistically, helping you uncover previously unknown interrelationships that could have significant value.


Collaborative working

We believe the key to solving difficult industry challenges is collaborative working – because no single solutions provider can address all a shipping organization’s complex needs. That’s why we welcome and leverage collaborative working with other exceptional technological partners.

The i4 Alliance program gives our customers a single, central, and comprehensive solution for effectively monitoring and managing fleet performance. The program only adds partners to the network that complement one another and, more importantly, help shipping organizations solve complex problems. This approach allows us to bring new, innovative, and integrated products and services to market quickly, with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Maritime experts

Great people and great thinking are at the heart of providing our customers with unrivaled service. This is the reason why we recruit and retain a global team of industry-leading maritime experts. From Ship Captains, Officers, and Naval Architects to Master Mariners, Data Scientists, and Developers – we do more than just build the best tool on market, we help our customers fully harness and interpret their data.

Artificial intelligence

The i4 platform is underpinned by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and world-class algorithms. So, when you aggregate your data on the platform, we deliver new-found intelligence and insights to your managers and individual stakeholders. With the help of AI, our data analysis is even faster – offering you historical modeling and predictive analytics when you need it most.


Data accuracy

Inaccurate data leads to bad insights and results in poor decision-making. We utilize tools and systems that help improve the accuracy and reliability of data being fed into our platform for analysis.


Our platform offers user-friendly, customizable, drag-and-drop dashboards with key fleet metrics. Across the system, users can easily drill down into more detail if further investigation is required.

Proactive alerts

The program is easy to use and highlights critical information when needed, including proactive alerts. Red, amber and green indicators provide an intuitive high-level view of which ships may warrant attention, allowing management to focus on specific issues. Whether you are tracking current progress or researching past voyages, i4 provides an integrated set of tools to help you manage your fleet to its full potential.


Technical support

Our global team offers our customers 24-hour technical support, 365 days a year, via phone and email.



Data security is essential for peace of mind. The i4 platform requires authenticated access, is continually backed up, logs and audits changes, and creates account backups of clients’ sites four times a day. The i4 Insight Platform uses Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On which can interface with a customer’s Active Directory account if desired. Having successfully passed extensive security audits from numerous blue-chip clients, we are confident we can address any concerns from your IT department.


Project management

The team deployed to your project will have extensive experience in building ship performance systems for both owners and charterers. Utilizing our expertise and industry knowledge, we will provide advice on how to implement i4 KPIs, metrics, and analysis, as well as discuss future capabilities or requirements.

Strategic Account Manager (SAM)

At the start of your project, we will assign a Strategic Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact and provide local project support.

Vessel tracking

With Vessel Tracking, you can view your entire fleet against a world map. Additionally, you can utilize static and dynamic filters, including ships trending late, ships over-consuming fuel, ships missing noon reports, ballast or laden vessels, ship types, owners, and more.

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