Operational efficiency

Like any commercial business, shipping organizations are continuously looking to drive the efficiency of people, products and processes.

Improving ‘how’ things are done is key to unlocking new performance goals and achievements.


Monitoring your data

If you want to improve and manage something, first you must measure it. For this, good quality data is critical. It requires data capture, data verification, data scrutiny and data intelligence. Our platform can incorporate data from many sources to form the most accurate and actionable insights, to aid effective decision making onshore and onboard.

The IMO recommends monitoring the most important performance indicator, the energy efficiency operational indicator (EEOI). In today’s competitive market, you need every proof possible of efficiency and reliability. Understanding your vessel’s EEOI will help you drive operational efficiency and maximize margins.

If you are looking to achieve operational efficiencies, read more on vessel and voyage optimization and effective route planning.

Utilizing your data

To make intelligent and correct operational decisions, your operational teams need to be armed with the best information. Good quality data is the first step in identifying efficiencies. Our platform is designed to deliver the most effective insights and recommendations.


How do we drive operational efficiency with accurate and reliable data?

We aggregate vessel data from multiple sources within one platform, so you can access all fleet performance information in one place. This allows our artificial intelligence technology to incorporate and connect patterns and trends across all vessel data.

Our Capture App helps improve the accuracy of data collected from the vessel, using features like OCR. Accurate data leads to better insights and better decision making.

Our machine learning algorithms can identify bad data at lightning speed, to save time and money on manual processes.



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