Commercial gains

A poor performing vessel or fleet can have significant impact on revenue, profit and commercial growth.

Equally, a great performing vessel can reduce fuel costs, attract more charter customers and put a ship owner in a strong position for charter party negotiations.

Vessel benchmarking

When ship charterers are selecting a vessel, we can support them with vessel benchmarking and comparison, so they know their options and make the best choice.

Today’s technology means charterers now have much better visibility of a specific vessel’s performance and higher expectations. Learn more about chartering optimization for charterers.

On the flipside, we also support ship owners with optimizing their fleet so that their ships are the most attractive for charter, and selected and utilized more, which drives up a ship’s revenue generation.

We can give ship owners a holistic and comprehensive view of their fleet operations as a whole, but also the ability to drill down into the deepest levels of voyage analysis. We can analyze both historical and current performance, to then make predictive forecasts of future performance. Learn more about vessel and coyage optimization for ship owners.

Having a high performing vessel, and understanding each vessel’s strengths and unique selling points, allows a ship owner to negotiate the best rate possible. Charterers want accurate performance information before making a decision. They will want to know about speed and consumption to ensure they are chartering a reliable and efficient ship and will ultimately pay more for one.

Charter party analysis

Once a Charter Party is in place, both parties will want the vessel to meet the criteria. For this reason, we can support ship owner or charterer with measuring the vessel performance against a set criterion. This can involve voyage optimization, which looks at route planning based on a ship model, weather, speed and other environmental factors. One decision may be to choose the least aggressive route to reduce the risk to the ship.

We offer monitoring of the ship – so the operations team can see results in real time, as well as conducting a post voyage analysis. This can be used to compare contract and actual performance. Learn more about how we can support you and your team with chartering insights and analysis, by viewing the relevant section on chartering optimization


Bunkering optimization

Smart bunker planning can make a significant impact on fuel costs. Use our bunkering optimization service to get the best advice on prices and bunker planning.

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