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As a specialist in the maritime sector, our aim is to help shipping organizations achieve the best possible outcomes through fleet optimization.

We understand that the primary desire to improve vessel performance will vary from one shipping organization to another. However, we find our customers often look to solve challenges in five core areas.

Shipping organizations have access to vast amounts of data, but that does not mean they are getting the most out of it. New techniques and technology in the marketplace, including machine learning, are paving the way for innovations that can determine why a vessel is underperforming in a certain way.

There is a new willingness to share data between ship owners and charterers, as both can benefit from the arrangement. Charterers want to choose the right vessel, while owners want to best position their ship within the market.

To solve these challenges, it is not enough to just integrate data from different sources. This is why our approach goes a step further – by bringing our market-leading technological partners together and integrating their solutions within our platform. Collectively, the solutions add even more value for our customers, making it simpler to get answers to their problems. This plays a huge role in keeping us focused on driving outcomes and not just products and services.

With heightened pressures of decarbonization, there has never been a more critical time to push the boundaries of what is possible and utilize the most innovative solutions available. However, most shipping organizations will not have access to a team of data analysts or the time needed for in-depth data scrutiny. This is why we use dashboards and artificial intelligence to connect organizations to the data analysis they need in a user-friendly, accessible format – allowing for quick, confident decision-making that generates the biggest impact.
Below is a diagram that incorporates all our key customer groups.

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